Wine Appraisals

Our wine appraisers appraise your wines

wine appraisals clients request our wine appraisals for many purposes. Our wine appraisers prepare wine appraisal reports most frequently for the following:

  • INSURANCE – New policies or loss claims
  • PURCHASE & SALE AGREEMENTS – Buying or Selling
  • TAX ISSUES – Bankruptcy and charitable contribution tax deductions
  • GOVERNMENT SEIZURES – tariff, taxation and law enforcement
  • BANKS – Collateral Loans and Foreclosures
  • LAW FIRMS – Probate, wills, estate planning, marriage dissolution, contested assets, and litigation.
  • APPRAISAL REVIEWS – An appraisal review is the written review of another appraiser’s appraisal reports or workfile.

Do you have wine inventory or a wine collection you are looking to sell? can assist you with that challenge. Please visit our Liquidation Services page.

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