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Buying Wine at Wine Auctions

As restaurant professionals, wine enthusiasts and or dedicated collectors, we are always looking for ways to acquire rare or harder to find vintage wines. The wines we desire are often unavailable or on heavy allocation from local wine and spirits distributors. Have you considered the alternative of buying wine at wine auctions?

Charity wine auctions

Wine buyers at a local charity wine auction.

Wine auctions can be very entertaining, challenging (even to skilled bidders), but most importantly rewarding. Believe it or not, wine auctions can offer some real buying opportunities. It is not uncommon for many wine auctions to offer “sleeper lots”, or those wines that are flying low under the radar of public awareness and perception. Sometimes it is just a matter of timing, and a great buying opportunity comes up immediately and then disappears just as fast with the loud report of the auctioneer’s gavel and his hallmark cry, “sold”, being spoken from the auction block. In their zeal to win their prized wines, many bidders will not only sacrifice pride but also a great deal of money in order to accomplish their objective. Here are some of the basics regarding auction etiquette and rules to help you on your way to becoming an adept bidder. Continue reading