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Our professional wine expert witness services assure your success.

Spirits - Wine Expert Witness ServicesWine expert witnesses provide testimony in court hearings, pre-trial conferences, settlement conferences, mediations, bankruptcy court, insurance matters, foreclosure proceedings, and government tribunals. Winery & Wine Appraisals expert witnesses have professionally addressed matters pertaining to the wine, appraisal, insurance, banks and lending, legal and litigation, and auction industries.

Tom DiNardo is Winery & Wine Appraisals preeminent wine expert witness. He has worked with law firms, lawyers, insurance companies, and individuals in consulting on the following legal matters: (1) rendering expert opinions of value; (2) providing appraisal reviews [i.e. reviewing another appraiser’s flawed work]; (3) rendering Cause and Origin Investigations and Reports; (4) providing Scope of Damage Evaluations; (5) consulting with lawyers and law firms in pre-trial litigation; (6) assisting lawyers in the writing and creation questions to be used in Interrogatories and Cross Examination; (7) and providing expert testimony. Please call us to receive a copy of the wine expert witness curriculum vitae and rate sheet.

Expert Witness Court Cases Involving Wine Expert Tom DiNardo

(1) 2011 Paul Woolls vs. Behr Construction
Case #: EC 051945 filed in California Superior Court, Los Angeles

Summary:  Initially I worked as a contracted spirits and wine appraiser. My role later evolved, and I also served as an expert witness and wine consultant on behalf of the Defendants (Behr Construction). I consulted directly with the law firms of Northrup-Schleuter (i.e. Dave Schleuter) and Yoka and Smith (i.e. Martin McMahan) on this 2.5 million dollar wine loss claim and case.

(2) 2014 – 2015 William I. Koch vs. Royal Wine Merchants Ltd.
Case#: 9:11-CV-81197 filed in U.S. District Court – Southern Florida; District of Florida.

Summary: I worked as a wine expert on this particular case, and I later appeared as an expert witness on behalf of Royal Wine Merchants Ltd. I worked directly with the Defense on this $600,000 dollar, highly publicized, counterfeit wine case.

(3) 2013 – 2016 Great Northern Insurance Co. a/s/o D. Gideon Searle and Nancy S. Searle vs. Cellar Advisors LLC & Cellar Advisors LLC vs. Sataria Acquisition LLC d/b/a/ Flagship Logistics Group
Case#: 1:12 CV 09343 filed in US District Court, Northern District of Illinois; Eastern Division.

Summary: My role as wine appraiser and testifying wine expert in this complex legal case was extensive. I worked as a wine consultant, wine appraiser, and claim loss investigator for over two years with the Defense team on this particular case. I worked directly with the Chicago law firm of Sullivan, Hincks & Conway (i.e. Attorney’s Dan Sullivan and Matt Barrette) on this $2,040,000.00 dollar wine loss claim and case. Fascinating Note: This is the first case that I have been involved in which the opposing counsel for the Plaintiffs had adopted my professional conclusions and opinions as their own.  As a result I later appeared as the sole testifying wine expert witness on behalf of both the Plaintiff (Cellar Advisors) and Defendants (Flagship Logistics Group) on March 18, 2016.

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