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Wine expert Tom DiNardo at work.

For over thirty years wine expert Tom DiNardo has worked in the wine industry. He has held many positions from “Cellar Rat” (winery helper) to positions such as Category Manager for a national spirits & wine retailer. As Tom’s career evolved, he later added the craft and skill set of auctioneer to his dossier of client-focused services, and today he regarded as one the country’s top charity wine auctioneers and wine appraisers.

Tom DiNardo’s passion for oenology (the joy of wine and wine collecting) grew, and he later had contributed articles as a freelance writer to online journals, The Wine Enthusiast, Decanter, and many other respected wine magazines. Eventually he completed his master’s degree in wine & spirits and became a certified sommelier. As a Daubert qualified expert witness, Tom DiNardo has provided expert testimony in assisting insurance companies, law firms, regulatory agencies, and people involved in litigation proceedings.

Today Tom teaches people about wine education, and as an accomplished wine educator he loves to discuss wine tasting, wine buying, and the joys of drinking wine. Tom DiNardo is perhaps best known for his online wine educator personality – The Wine Zealot. The videos below cover a number of topics from wine making, wine tasting, wine education, wine competitions, and of course wine appraisals and the work of wine appraisers. Thanks to OrigiNative Films, you can watch Winery & Wine Appraisals videos below and see Tom DiNardo in action.