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Spirits & Wine Appraisal Testimonials for Tom DiNardo

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Sommelier and wine appraiser Tom DiNardo.

Read Winery & Wine Appraisals wonderful spirits & wine appraisal client’s Wine Appraiser Testimonials. Our clients share their enthusiasm and positive experiences demonstrated by wine expert and spirits & wine appraisal specialist. Tom DiNardo and the professional Winery & Wine Appraisals staff associates. He is a certified sommelier and wine valuations expert with a Master Degree in wine and spirits. Tom is a nationally recognized wine auctioneer, international wine judge, wine writer, and an acclaimed wine educator and wine expert. He is perhaps best known for his online wine personality – The Wine Zealot. Some of Tom’s client’s have said, “He is one of the nation’s preeminent wine experts” and “He is the best qualified spirits & wine appraiser in the nation”.

Tom DiNardo currently assists insurance companies in adjusting and settling multi-million dollar spirits & wine loss claims. He is a consulting wine valuations expert (Daubert Qualified) and provides professional expert witness services in assisting both Plaintiffs and Defendants in complex litigation cases. Mr. DiNardo provides professional consulting on fine and rare wine litigation cases for individual parties, attorneys and law firms. Occasionally Tom DiNardo provides spirits & wine investment strategy consulting to banks, Wall Street stock investment companies, and high net worth parties.

The Winery & Wine Appraisals staff works with individuals, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, attorneys, law firms, law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies. Our spirits & wine appraisers have worked with small assignments of just a few dozen bottles to assignments involving over 25,000 spirits and wine bottles. Our expert witness team has been involved litigation cases involving divorce, insurance claims, counterfeit wines, wine fraud investigations, bank transaction, partnership formation & dissolution, wildfire cases, smoke taint claims, and legal claims exceeding 14 million dollars. Our professional firm performs spirits & wine appraisals, winery appraisals, distillery appraisals and brewery appraisals.

Tom DiNardo is a former law enforcement officer with years of investigative experience that he puts to use daily in his career as a highly qualified wine expert. Tom DiNardo is one of the nation’s best known wine fraud investigators and counterfeit wine identification specialists. He provides contract wine fraud investigator and contract Special Investigations Unit (SIU) services, Cause & Origin Investigations, Scope of Damage Evaluations, Cellar Inventories, and Consulting Expert and Daubert Qualified Expert Witness services for his clients. The wine appraiser Tom DiNardo testimonials found below speak for themselves. We look forward to assisting you and or your company today.

"I have collected wines for over 30 years. I have also been donating wines to my favorite charities for quite some time My CPA informed that I need to hire a wine appraiser to perform a charitable contribution tax deduction wine appraisal. Tom DiNardo is incredibly knowledgeable and his assistance in preparing the required tax forms was invaluable."
Roger O. - Philanthropist and wine drinker.
"Wine Appraiser Tom DiNardo is truly one the nation's most acclaimed wine experts, sommeliers, and wine appraisal gurus I have had the pleasure of knowing. The spirits & wine information he provided to me for my wine investment article was indispensable".
Paul Dykewicz - Writer for
"We are entertaining purchase offers on a small, very successful, boutique winery and restaurant in Colorado. I thought the entire operation was command a price of only 1.5 million dollars. I hired Winery & Wine Appraisals and their winery appraisal concluded an FF&E value of of well over 3 million dollars. We are now reconsidering our asking price."
Bill D. - Colorado Winery Owner
“State Farm’s Deployment Team was dispatched to Malibu, CA. in response to the catastrophic damage caused by the Woolsey Fire. The professional assistance provided by Winery & Wine Appraisals chief appraiser Tom DiNardo was invaluable in resolving the dozens of wine loss claims reported to us.”
Cindy M. – Deployment Team Mgr. State Farm Ins. Malibu, CA.
“I needed to settle my husband’s estate and required an expert winery appraisal. I could not have done this without Tom DiNardo’s help and professional services.”
Happy S. – Winery Proprietor Stonington, CT.
“After two and a half years, our case finally wrapped up this year. We initially thought we were facing a 2.2 million dollar exposure. The invaluable services provided by Tom DiNardo and Winery & Wine Appraisals reduced our liability by over 80%.”
Matt B. – Attorney and Managing Partner Chicago, IL.
“I was going through a tumultuous divorce. My husband was undervaluing our wine collection. Appraiser Tom DiNardo provided me with an accurate, expert opinion and appraisal report on the actual value of our wine collection.”
Nora G. – Homemaker and Mother Chester, NJ.
“Our firm was defending a construction defect case. Winery & Wine Appraisals providing us a terrific appraisal report and scope of damage evaluation report which limited our client’s exposure substantially.”
Dave S. – Attorney and Managing Partner Ventura, CA.
“Winery & Wine Appraisals and appraiser Tom DiNardo was instrumental in providing us with a charitable contribution tax deduction appraisal for a several hundred thousand dollar wine collection being donated to TCC.”
Bill R. – Dir. Development, Tacoma Community College.
“I donated my wine collection to charity auction to aid a Florida Keys based environmental nonprofit. I contacted wine appraiser Tom DiNardo at the very last minute. Despite the significant time challenge I put before him, Tom quickly provided me with a professionally prepared wine appraisal report. I received a very nice charitable contribution tax deduction.”
Kellie A. – Happy Tax Saver Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
“We hired wine appraiser Tom DiNardo to prepare a Scope of Damage Evalutation Report and also a wine appraisal report. During this process, Mr. DiNardo discovered insurance fraud, and this matter was immediately turned over to our Special Investigations Unit manager. Thank you Tom for your great work.”
Javona W. – Sr. Adjuster Dallas, TX.
“I was starting a new winery after running a very successful Washington winery for the past 20 years. My partners were purchasing the existing winery and I was being cashed out. We needed a professional personal property appraiser to appraise all of the winery equipment. We were having a very difficult time finding a competent professional winery appraiser. Then we thankfully found Tom.”
Greg S. – Washington Winery Owner Yelm, WA.
“We donated wines to charity wine auction. Tom DiNardo provided us with a professionally prepared wine appraisal report and we received a very pleasant charitable contribution tax deduction.”
Kris & Josh I. – Texas Tax Savers Austin, TX.
“Our firm was one of many defendants named in an defective construction case. We needed a wine expert. Tom DiNardo provided my firm with a Cause and Origin Investigation and Report, a Scope of Damage Evaluation, invaluable consulting in the development of our cross examination strategy, as well as expert witness services.”
David S. – Attorney and Managing Partner Los Angeles, CA.
“I needed an expert for one of our high profile legal cases. Our firm represented the defendant in this matter. I found Tom and Winery and Wine Appraisals after conducting an exhaustive Internet search. Tom and his staff to proved to be invaluable to our case. Many thanks.”
Martin M. – Attorney Los Angeles, CA.
“Community Bank of Walla initiated foreclosure proceedings upon a high profile local winery. Initially we believed that the real estate was more valuable than the personal property and equipment. We contracted Tom DiNardo and Winery and Wine Appraisals to provide us with a personal property appraisal. Much to our surprise, the personal property and equipment was valued over 1.7 million dollars.”
Doreen A. – Bank Officer Walla Walla, WA.
“Our insured, a winery, made a claim for $27,000 dollars against their policy. Three of our adjusters recommended paying the loss, but I had an intuitive feeling that somehow we were missing many of the pertinent facts. Fireman’s Fund Insurance hired Winery and Wine Appraisers to provide us with a Cause and Origin Investigation and Report. Tom and his staff discovered that the missing facts and the cause of the loss (a wine maker error) and saved us the amount of the loss claim. Thank you.”
Melissa L. – Adjuster Manager Sacramento, CA.
“US Customs and Border Protection seized a substantial wine collection in Seattle, Washington that needed to be appraised. Tom DiNardo prepared one the most professional and easy to understand appraisals I have ever read.”
Tom C. – Property Manager Los Angeles, CA.
“Years ago I had previously purchased six magnums of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon. I donated them a charity wine auction. Wine Appraiser Tom DiNardo provided me with an expert appraisal and I received a significant charitable contribution tax deduction.”
Gerald A. – Tax Saver Mahwah, NJ.
“I represented the Plaintiff in a hotly contested marriage dissolution and contested assets case. Initially I needed a wine expert, but I was elated to find out that Tom DiNardo is also highly qualified and experienced personal property appraiser. He appraised all the household items, contemporary assets, automobiles, and other items of value. Our client won the case.”
Attorney Mount Vernon, WA.
“Our client owns an overseas shipping company. One the containers damages in a storm was loaded with wines. A bottle of vintage 1899 Chateau d’Yquem was damaged and needed to be replaced. Tom DiNardo successfully appraised that on behalf of insurance firm and client.”
Insurance Adjuster Lloyds of London.