Wine Education Provided by Expert Wine Educators

Creators of Outstanding Wine Education Classes

The outstanding wine education staff of not only provides our clients with professional winery appraisals and wine appraisals, but our firm now provides your business, event, or social gathering with expert wine educators. The following wine education services are offered.


wine educationWhether for business or pleasure, our wine educators will create a custom-tailored wine education program to meet your professional business and or personal requirements. Our wine education staff will create a formal wine education seminar for your business purposes, or we can create less formal wine education classes.

EXPERT WITNESS SERVICES: provides expert witness services and professional assistance for most legal matters.


English pronunciation [suhm-uh l-yey; Fr. saw-muh-lyey]. Definition – A sommelier (wine steward) is an extremely knowledgeable and highly trained wine professional who typically works in fine dining establishments. The sommelier specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food matching. Please read more about our sommeliers service program.


wine educatorsOur wine educators and wine appraisers have appeared as key note speakers at a number of public events. Our expert wine education staff has discussed topics that pertain to wines, wine appraisals, winery liquidations, wine broker services, winery and wine insurance, insurance liability, insurance cause and origin investigations & reports, evaluations of scope damages, the role of the expert witness, and appraisal reviews.

Companies and professional groups seeking our wine educators and wine appraisers as keynote speakers have included insurance executives, lawyers, bankers, government officials, real estate appraisers, certified public accountants, oenologists, viticulturists, wine collectors, nonprofits, and other interested community groups. educates our clients to better meet the project demands of their customers and clients.

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