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2003 Chateau Cheval Blanc

Our Wine Enthusiast Resources page is a starting point for any beginning wine enthusiast, spirits & wine collector, learned wine expert, or oenologist (i.e. a person who appreciates and collects wines).  If you are interested in selling your spirits & wine collections (i.e. private party transaction), we buy wine collections on a case by case basis (pun intended).

The information found below offers additional information about wine education, oenology, wine making, wine collecting, wine tasting, and wine storage. Additional information covers topics such as wine auctions, sommelier education and training, wine competitions, wine expert editorials and opinions, and other interesting spirits & wine enthusiast resources news.

Of course, Winery & Wine Appraisals exists to serve our clients such as individuals, insurance companies, banks, attorneys and law firms with all of their spirits & wine, winery, distillery, brewery appraisal needs. Company C.E.O., wine expert, sommelier, and Daubert qualified expert witness Tom DiNardo is happy to assist you with any litigation proceedings. In addition to performing as a “consulting expert”, Tom DiNardo is also a contract insurance investigator (i.e. special investigations unit – SIU), counterfeit wine identification specialist, and wine fraud detective. Tom DiNardo is best known for his online wine personality – The Wine Zealot.

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