Sommeliers & Wine Experts Creating Wine & Food Experiences

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Sommeliers provide wine educator, wine education and spirits & wine expert services.

Many people have no idea of what sommeliers and wine experts do, much less how to pronounce the word sommelier [suhm-uhl-yey]. Sommeliers are wine stewards and wine experts. They are extremely knowledgeable and highly trained wine professionals. In the past these wine experts traditionally worked in a fine dining restaurant where they specialize in all aspects of wine and food pairings as well as wine service. Sommeliers can often be easily identified, either wearing the tastevin on a ribbon or chain suspended around their neck, or more simply by their sommelier guild pin on their lapel.

The role of the sommelier is changing with the times, and certified sommelier Tom DiNardo is a stellar example of this point and fact. Today these accomplished and formally educated  wine professionals are doing far more than just providing formal wine service in fine dining restaurants. With increasing demands for professional services, sommeliers are now employed by wineries, distilleries, breweries, wine and spirits distributors, bars and lounges, wine shops, tasting rooms, wine consultants, specialty food companies, food and wine magazines, and individuals. Sommeliers are increasingly becoming more involved as consulting wine experts in a number of new and evolving capacities such as providing spirits & wine appraisal as well as expert witness services.

Wine & Spirits Consulting

Our staff of certified sommeliers consult with our clients for their private dinners, social events, soirees, galas, nonprofit special event fundraisers, corporate functions, airline menus, ship provisioning, private cellar inventory stocking issues, and much more. Additionally, our wine experts will discuss appropriate wine storage methods; provide staff trainings, wine & spirits shopping consultation, and cellar building strategies.

Brand Ambassador & Professional Assessments

Today Winery & Wine Appraisals sommeliers are contracted by various breweries, distilleries, and wineries to perform in the role and “Brand Ambassadors” or spokesperson for these professional establishments. Often this work begins with providing our clients with Professional Assessments (i.e professional tastings and reviews) of their product, and then publishing our findings for the public and consumers.

Hospitality & Wine Events

Our sommeliers will professionally staff your corporate or private food and wine events. These events may range from just a couple of hours up to corporate incentive or wine festival events lasting many days. Additionally our formally educated wine professionals provide decanting services, wine evaluations, bottle quality evaluations, wine education classes, cellar management services, and beverage management services.

Expert Witness & Legal Consulting

As mentioned previously, the role of the sommelier has changed greatly. Today our company employ sommeliers as expert witnesses, insurance investigators, and also spirits & wine appraisal experts. Our spirits & wine experts also perform winery appraisals, distillery appraisals, and brewery appraisals. Tom DiNardo is our senior wine consultant.