Wine Appraisals

Spirits & wine appraisers, counterfeit wine identification specialists & wine fraud investigators producing expert wine appraisal reports.

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Performing fine and rare wine valuation.

Our wine appraisers specializes in expert spirits & wine appraisal and wine fraud investigator services. Our clients request our liquor and wine appraiser services for many reasons. To learn more about our wine & spirits appraisal services please watch our wine appraisal education video. Our professional wine appraisers prepare wine valuations reports most frequently for the following client issues:

  • INSURANCE – Loss Claims and New Policies: Wine appraiser Tom DiNardo has performed wine valuations for flood, heat, freeze and other catastrophic damages. Most recently, he has been working with various California wild fire victims providing wine appraisals assistance with their loss claims and also assessing winery “smoke taint” claims. He also provides Cause & Origin Investigations, Scope of Damage Evaluations, and Fraud Investigations (Special Investigations Unit – SIU) services.
  • PURCHASE & SALE AGREEMENTS – Buying or Selling: Wine appraisals as well as winery, distillery, and brewery appraisals are often required by individuals and other business entities for purchase and sale agreements.
  • TAX ISSUES – Bankruptcy and Charitable Contribution Tax Deductions: Our firm provides professional appraisal services for individuals and government entities. If you have donated items in excess of $5,000 dollars to your favorite charity or nonprofit you will be required to file additional Internal Revenue Service forms along with your 1040 tax return.
  • GOVERNMENT SEIZURES – Tariff, Taxation and Law Enforcement Issues: Winery & Wine Appraisals provides our services to people facing tariff and taxation issues both domestic and abroad. We have also worked with local law enforcement, the US Marshal Service, Customs & Border Protection and law firms regarding government seizures and forfeitures.
  • BANKS & CREDIT UNIONS – Collateral Loans and Foreclosures: Banks can and do often require that a wine valuation report be performed on assets prior to their approving loans.
  • LAW FIRMS – Probate, Wills, Estate Planning, Divorce, Contested Assets, and Litigation: Our firm has worked in partnership with attorneys and law firms regarding all of these matters. Divorce is perhaps the most common legal issue in which our firm provides our professional services.
  • APPRAISAL REVIEWS – An appraisal review is the written review of another appraiser’s written wine appraisals and their work file. We rely exclusively upon the current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) to either confirm or deny the appraiser’s conformance with this federal law. Appraisal Reviews are most often used by attorneys and law firms when a dispute or litigation results from contested issues regarding prior stated or published valuation results.
  • EXPERT WITNESS – Unfortunately, adversarial parties may not arrive at a binding legal agreement. Our expert witness services can and do provide the final word. Certified sommelier and wine expert Tom DiNardo is a Daubert Qualified (Federal Court Rule 702) expert witness, who has testified in federal courts.

Wine Fraud Investigator & Counterfeit Wine Identification

Over the last ten years wine fraud has dramatically increased as well as the presence of counterfeit wines in retail spirits & wine markets. Many fine and rare wine collectors have suffered as a result of this type of wine fraud and counterfeit wine crimes. Our counterfeit wine identification experts and wine fraud investigators are here to serve you. Wine investigator Tom DiNardo is a former law enforcement officer, trained investigator, and International Association of Special Investigations Units (IASIU) member.

Do you have wine inventory or a wine collection you are looking to sell? Winery & Wine Appraisals can assist you with that challenge. Please visit our Liquidation Services page.