Winery Appraisals

Winery Appraisals Performed by Wine Appraisal & Winery Experts

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Conducting a winery appraisal

Winery appraisals and winery valuations are performed by our certified winery appraisers and winery experts for clients owing wineries. Our winery appraisals, appraisers, valuations experts possess decades of winery appraisal methodology and direct wine profession industry experience. Our wineries appraisal and winery expert staff possess formal training in not only the spirits & wine professions, but also maintain the requisite appraiser designations and current federal appraiser accreditation in providing our wineries and custom crush clients with the most exceptional  winery valuation services available today.

All winery appraisal or winery valuations reports will be written in accordance with all mandated federal (the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice [i.e. USPAP]) and follow all state required wineries appraisals guidelines. You  may wish to watch our wineries appraiser video to get a better sense of our approach and how our winery experts perform client winery valuations.

Over the years Winery & Wine Appraisals has been contracted by wineries, vintners, winemakers, wine making clubs, custom crush facilities, and viticulturists, to prepare professional appraisal reports for bank loans, purchase and sale agreements, government seizure issues, new insurance policies, insurance loss claims, estate planning, and both legal and litigation issues.We have also prepared winery appraisal reports for individuals, groups and wineries seeking to either form partnerships, buy-out a partner, and or divest corporate winery holdings.

Our expert winery appraisers provide written winery equipment and wine appraisal reports in concluding expert winery valuations for ALL wineries, viticulture, wine making equipment, distillery equipment, brewery equipment, capital equipment, and including the winery’s vehicles, farm equipment, tractors, forklifts and other vital machinery. Our winery appraisers also appraise your business assets found in winery facilities such as your tasting room, restaurant,  business offices, spirits and wine bottled inventories, and including bulk wines (i.e. stored in fermentation tanks, oak barrels, and unlabeled bottles or “shiners”). If your winery offers lodging facilities (if applicable), rest assured, we can and do appraise those capital assets and furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) as well.

Wildfires and Other Insurance Winery Damages Claims

From 2017 to the present, an unfortunate new era for Winery & Wine Appraisals began as the term “wildfire season” disappeared, and the nation began to experience “wildfire years”. Our firm began appraising substantially larger volumes of winery wildfire claims and fire related spirits & wine collections claims. The wildfire claims affecting California wineries had us appraising winery equipment, bulk wines, and bottled wine inventories that were damaged not only by fires, but also from toxic smoke. California was perhaps the hardest hit of all the states in the nation, and we traveled many times between Southern California (Woolsey Fire) and Northern California in providing not only winery appraisals, but also Cause & Origin Reports, Scope of Damage Evaluation Reports, and other vital winery insurance claim services, including expert witness services.

Winery Smoke Taint Claims & Consulting Wine Expert Witness

Many wineries, vintners and winemakers unfortunately discovered that even if their vineyards escaped the wrath of a massive conflagration, the wildfires still left their devastating marks. Winery vineyards were often bathed in dense clouds of smoke for days or weeks at a time. The resulting heavy smoke was not necessarily comprised of burning conifer forests as one might expect, but instead it was often a poisonous cloud containing noxious fumes from toxic materials found in nearby burning homes or industrial facilities. The smoke adheres to the skin or the grape, and eventually permeates into the grape’s pip. When wineries press the grapes the resulting “must” pressed from these “Smoke Taint” grapes often has foul odors, and or a resulting undesirable palate and flavor profiles that ultimately negatively impact the wines. Our consulting winery experts and expert witness services are invaluable for Smoke Taint claims impacting wineries affected by wildfires.

Winery & Wine Appraisals company founder Tom DiNardo has worked in the wine industry and profession since 1987. Tom is a certified sommelier with a masters degree in wine & spirits. He has been vetted in federal courts, and Tom DiNardo currently testifies as a “Daubert Qualified” consulting wine expert and expert witness. Mr. DiNardo testifies in courts as a spirits & wine appraisal expert and certified sommelier. He has also testified as a wine industry expert on matters such as winery wildfires damages, smoke taint claims, retail and wholesale wineries business practices, winery retail sales trends, wine industry marketing challenges, and winery public image and perception issues.

We provide wineries with these additional services below.

Our winery experts do not appraise “Real Property” (i.e. buildings or land) found at wineries. However, we often appraise the wineries “Residential Contents” inside of all winery business offices, tasting rooms, restaurants, and or the personal homes or residences, and or lodges located on the winery, brewery, and or distillery properties. We maintain professional business relationships with Real Property Appraisers (Buildings and Land), Agricultural Appraisers (vineyards and orchards) and also Business Valuation Appraisers (typically CPA’s) should your winery require these outside services in addition to the many services that we provide.