Winery Appraisals

Winery Appraisals Performed by Winery and Wine Experts

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Chateau Margaux tonnellerie (cooperage).

Our wine appraisal staff and winery appraisers perform professional winery appraisals for wineries and custom crush facilities. Our winery appraisers provide written winery equipment and wine appraisal reports in concluding expert winery valuations for all winery equipment, distillery equipment, brewery equipment, capital equipment. Our wine experts and appraisal specialists will appraise the winery’s vehicles, business assets, and spirits and wine inventories including both bulk wines (stored in fermentation tanks and barrels) as well as bottled inventories as capital equipment utilized by your wine making facility. Your certified appraisal reports will be prepared to meet your specific needs, and will be written in accordance with all mandated federal (the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice [i.e. USPAP]) and follow all state required appraiser guidelines. You  may wish to watch our video “Wine Appraiser Tom DiNardo Performs A Winery Appraisal” to get a better sense of our approach to performing our clients winery valuations.

Wineries and wine makers will most often contract with Winery & Wine Appraisals to prepare a professional appraisal report for bank loans, purchase and sale agreements, government seizure issues, new insurance policies, insurance loss claims, estate planning, and both legal and litigation issues. Our wine valuation experts will not only appraise all of your wine making equipment, but we also can appraise all of your restaurant, tasting room, business office, and lodging accommodations. Most importantly, we can and do appraise your bulk wine (i.e. in fermentation tanks, oak barrels, and “shiners”), as well as all bottled wine inventory produced by your winery and wine making facility.

While we do not appraise “Real Property” (i.e. buildings or land), we can and do often appraise the “Residential Contents” inside of your business offices, tasting rooms, restaurants, and or the residences and or lodges located on the winery, brewery, and or distillery properties. We maintain professional business relationships with Real Property Appraisers (Buildings and Land), Agricultural Appraisers (vineyards and orchards) and also Business Valuation Appraisers (typically CPA’s) should you require these outside services in addition to the many services that we provide.