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Providing winery appraisals, certified liquor & wine appraisers, wine appraisals, wine valuations, brewery appraisals, distillery appraisals, wine expert witness, wine fraud detection, and counterfeit wine identification services.

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Professional Spirits & Wine Appraisers and Winery Appraisers

Winery & Wine Appraisals provides the most qualified expert spirits & wine appraisers available today. Our is an international leader in providing professional wine appraisers, wine appraisals, spirits & wine valuations, winery appraisals, wine experts, and expert witness services. Winery & Wine Appraisals is also nationally recognized for their work in wine fraud detection, counterfeit wine identification, wine consultant services, distillery appraisals, brewery appraisals, capital equipment appraisals, business assets appraisal, spirits appraisals, and also residential contents appraisals under limited circumstances.

Our company’s certified wine appraisers and winery appraisers not only meet but exceed all current government appraiser certification requirements. Our certified wine appraisal reports comply with all federal and state mandated appraisal standards as pertains to all lending, purchase and sale, insurance, estate planning, taxation, and legal or litigation issues.

Hire A Qualified Wine Expert & Wine Appraisal Specialist

Company President and CEO, Tom DiNardo – SPA, CAA has worked in the wine industry since 1987. He is a nationally recognized certified sommelier, wine appraiser, wine fraud detection, counterfeit wine identification specialist, wine auctioneer, expert witness, wine educator, wine writer, consulting wine expert, and an international wine judge. Tom previously worked in law enforcement, and this past career is where he obtained his investigation training and skills. He heavily relies upon and uses this skill set in virtually all of his appraisal projects to this day.

He has been involved as a wine appraiser in hundreds of spirits and wine loss claims since 1993. Mr. DiNardo has participated as an expert witness in many prestigious wine cases, and of particular note was his involvement as an expert witness and wine consultant in one of the William I. Koch counterfeit wine identification cases. He has also worked with U.S. Customs, the U.S. Marshal Service, various law enforcement agencies, insurance company special investigations units, and many law firms as a consulting wine expert and wine appraiser.

Tom received his sommelier diploma from the International Sommelier Guild, and he is also a Founding Commandeur of the Seattle Chapter of the Commanderie de Bordeaux. Tom DiNardo is perhaps best known for his online wine personality – The Wine Zealot. Please download Tom DiNardo’s curriculum vitae on the Appraisers Qualifications page.

In addition to our winery appraisal and wine appraisal services, Winery & Wine Appraisals provides wine consulting, spirits and wine liquidation services, wine education services, sommelier consulting services, professional spirits and wine assessments, brand ambassador marketing, and spirits and wine brokerage services. Our wine consulting services address wine cellar inventory issues, wine cellar design, and wine inventory stock concerns.

Regarding legal matters and litigation, we have an established a proven, positive, reputation for providing wine expert testimony, personal property appraisals, appraisal reviews, cause and origin investigations and reports, and scope of damage evaluations.

Our company origins began in 1993 as a partnership initially dedicated to serving our clients in the auction industry. As our parent company grew, so did our clientele, as well as the services we now offer to our business partners. Today we professionally serve individuals, law firms, business enterprises, banks, government entities, and insurance companies. Winery and Wine Appraisals is a sister company to DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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