More Wine Expert Services

More Wine Expert Services Offered by Our Spirits & Wine Appraisers

Winery and Wine Appraisals offers more wine expert services than any and all of our competitors combined. We have covered all of the bases for our business, professional and individual clients alike. If you need a specialized or custom service not offered below, please do not hesitate to call us right away. We can assist you in fulfilling your professional spirits & wine appraisal and or wine valuations service needs.


The spirits & wine appraisers of Winery and Wine Appraisals occasionally purchase, high end, private spirits and wine collections  on a case by case basis (no pun intended).


Winery and Wine Appraisals CEO Tom DiNardo has worked in the industry since 1987. He is regarded as one of the nation’s most recognized consulting wine experts,  wine appraisers, wine educators, sommeliers , wine fraud investigators, counterfeit wine identification specialists, and wine valuations experts. He has testified as expert witness in federal court and he is Daubert Qualified under (Federal Court Rule 702).


Counterfeit wine identification has become an increasing concern for many fine and rare wine collectors. The counterfeit wine problem has appeared more frequently in our country’s court system as well. Our spirits & wine appraisers, wine valuations specialists, wine experts, and  wine investigators will identify possible counterfeit wines found in your wine collection. We will also investigate the spirits and wines that you are considering purchasing.


Today wine fraud is not just relegated to the contents of spirits & wine bottles. Wine fraud also applies to bottle labels, the purchase of “wine futures”, as well as bait and switch schemes, and other devious scams. Wine Fraud is also becoming more commonplace as found in insurance loss claims. Our spirits & wine investigators , wine experts, and wine fraud investigators are former law enforcement officers and possess Special Investigations Unit (SIU) training.


This is perhaps one of our most requested Wine Expert Services that Winery & Wine Appraisals have fulfilled for our clients. Our spirits & wine experts, sommeliers, and wine educators are often requested by individuals, nonprofits, trade groups, and companies alike to either provide spirits and wine consulting for their upcoming events, and or to provide in depth training and educational opportunities and experiences for incentive or recreational purposes. Sommelier and Wine Educator Tom DiNardo (better known as The Wine Zealot) is happy to assist you and your organization in fulfilling all of your professional requirements.


We provide professional spirits and wine assessments for wineries, distilleries, breweries, and individuals for marketing, resale and liquidation purposes. As “Brand Ambassadors” we will professionally represent your product and your organization. We also provide technical spirits and wine write-ups and evaluations, as well as perform spokesperson duties


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Winery appraisals performed regularly!

An appraisal review is the written review and appraisal of another appraiser’s flawed appraisal reports. Our appraisal reviews will examine the previous spirits & wine appraisers qualifications and confirm or deny the appraisers following accepted appraisal theory, appraisal methodology, and appraisal practices as required under federal law – The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


If a winery or spirits & wine collector files a loss claim with their insurance company and they are experiencing difficulties, or conversely the insurance company has unanswered questions pertaining to the circumstances surrounding a particular insurance loss claim, then a Cause and Origin Investigation Report might be the answer in determining the source, origin, and or cause of the reported loss. Our staff professionally trained spirits & wine investigators and counterfeit wine identification specialists conduct cause and origin investigations in which the subsequent findings are published in our reports. We provide this impartial and objective service to both insurance companies and individuals alike.


If a personal property item has been damaged due to fire, flood, water, hurricane, tornado, negligence, accident, or Act of God, sometimes the item can be repaired and or sometimes the item is declared irreparable. Obviously, where spirits & wines are concerned, you can’t repair these consumable items, but only replace them at a declared “Insurance Replacement Value”. The Scope of Damage Evaluation Report service is a terrific follow-up to a winery appraisal, or spirits & wine appraisal report, in factually determining the final disposition or outcome of the subject property. Our scope of damage evaluation report service provides our clients with expert answers as to how much of the collection is “destroyed”, “in good condition”, and “drinkable” (salvageable). If your insurance company suspects insurance fraud, our spirits & wine fraud investigators and counterfeit wine identification specialists are here to assist your insurance company.


Winery & Wine Appraisals can provide you with a complete spirits and wine inventory to better manage your cellar. This service is mandatory for our insurance company clients, and or clients involved in legal matters or litigation. You will always want to have a competent, qualified, and objective and impartial spirits & wine professional to perform an inventory, and or corroborate, an existing inventory to rule out wine fraud or identify possible counterfeit wines.


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Performing “Scope of Damage Evaluations” and “Cause & Origin Reports”.

How should I design or lay out my wine cellar? Are you provisioning a yacht or vacation home? What types of spirits or wines should I stock? What spirits and wines should I buy within my budget? These questions are often asked by our clients. Our staff of sommeliers and wine experts will readily answer these questions and more. Think of us as your personal spirits and wine shopper.


Occasionally our clients require appraisal services apart from their regular spirits & wine appraisers service, winery, brewery, distillery appraisal business, or private wine appraisal consultations. Our Personal Property Appraisals service most often utilized by our clients in divorce cases in which we are requested to most often appraise “Residential Contents” (i.e. Household contents, furniture, contemporary art, collectibles, automobiles, and etc.). We gladly provide Residential Contents appraisals for you or your legal counsel. Winery & Wine Appraisals also has associates to assist you with real property appraisals, agricultural, and business valuation appraisal needs.